23 April 2008

the day of life

"the day of life"

outstretched arms
fingers flailing
as blackness surrounds

blurry eyed
looking yet unseeing

knees bruised and bloody
knuckles raw
tendons and sinews strain
strength failing

step follows step
the way still not clear
darkness remains
clouding vision

afar off
whether mirage or hope
an Image appears

but stumbling blocks
and murky waters persist
no respite

my God
my God
why hast Thou


eden fled
or did i flee
golgotha beckons
and gethsemane

and between gardens
pathways poisoned by
shackling self

looking ahead
seeing darkly
hoping against hope

unseeing eyes strain
losing sight
and gaining vision
with bowed head
and bent knee

no pathway appears
veering from the ordained course
no traveling companion
where expected

forsaken frail fickle
while walking alone
yet accompanied unaware

baptized by fire
knowing it not
and persevering

staying the course
but fight unfinished
moving forward
strengthened straining

plodding onward
forward focused
still unseeing
yet not unseen

soft sounds
call resounding
comfort comes
amidst lingering lonesome

how can the God of heaven

yet approachable
or is it perfection
while imperfect

course unfinished
muscles aching
journeying upward still

no man steps silently
while wandering
while returning

reunion sweet
within reach
not grasp

it is finished

the words mark end
and beginning
alpha and omega

then Life gives life
a living soul
Light returns
despite outer darkness

calm clarity
still waters
soul restored

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