29 April 2008

Captain of Choice (poetry)

Captain of Choice

Forward march, the cry rang out,

And the ranks advanced in turn.

Holding fast, they marched en route,

A word of praise to earn.

Commands continue; all men obey,

Not one dares leave his place.

And so proceeds throughout the day,

Recognition's glance to chase.

Exactly, ever eager,

They execute without delay

The orders of their leader

Who shows and marks their way.

So, too, each man who dies and lives

Becomes one in a line

Behind his captain and he gives,

By choice, his heart and mind.

Each day we choose whom we will serve,

Enlisted in the hosts.

Eternally, we must observe

Which leader we love most.

They each have equal privilege

To teach in word and deed,

But ours the choice it is to judge

Which voice receives our heed.

Upward face, is the Captain's plea,

The Master of our soul.

We give heart, will, and loyalty,

And in Him are made whole.

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