05 May 2008

Poetic Scriptures

Inspired by Joseph Smith's recasting of D&C 76 in poetic form (http://onlymormon.blogspot.com/2007/12/joseph-smiths-poem-vision-from-d-76.html), I took a passage from Moses and gave it a poetic feel. Over time, perhaps I'll use the same model to take on other scriptural passages. For now, I hope this conveys the feeling that the scriptures bring to me. And now, without further ado:

“Enoch’s Vision” (Moses 7:27-41)

From heav’n march down th’angelic hosts

To earth, where testimony’s power

Distills to all. The Holy Ghost

Teaches of Son and Father.

He saw the God of Heaven weep!

Looking on His people’s deeds.

‘How can the heavens weep?’ cried he,

‘Thy tears descend like rain.

How canst Thou weep? Oh holy God,

Thou know’st eternity.’

Could puny man e’en comprehend

And try to enumerate

all things on earth,

He yet would scarcely understand

Thy creation’s broad expanse

Which stretches out

With Thee, For thou art always there.

Thou, our just and kind and merciful,

God of eternity,

Receiver of Zion and Embassy

Of endless peace, justice, truth.

How canst Thou weep?

The Lord, in turn, to Enoch taught

Of His commands, of agency

Giv’n to man, yet ill esteemed:

‘These thy brethren, whom I formed of dust,

Have brought upon themselves

Indignation and Judgment.

As God, Man of Holiness,

I see and know my works.

Their “Man of Counsel,” I can see

Each one, both great and small.

Such wickedness as this,

Which thy brethren doth do

I never have known—

It becomes for them a prison.

And yet, my Chosen shall I send,

Who suffereth all for their sins.

Tho’ now the heav’ns weep, through Him

Shall those who will, be mine,

Return to dwell with me.’

And Enoch reached, grasped this reply,

Comprehending all things,

And opened wide his arms,

His heart swelled to comprehend


A fullness of joy.

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